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Bad Things happen to good people. Its more than necessary to ensure your personal safety.
★Every second in emergency situations is precious. SOS uses latest technologies to help you reach emergency services more quickly than ever.
★In emergency situations when traditional communication avenues are down, social networking tools could turn into reliable backup methods. SOS broadcasts your location and situation to your friends and family members via Twitter!

Were proud to announce SOS 2.0!

New Features in SOS 2.0:
✓Twitter Supported
Send a customizable message to twitter while youve launched SOS. This allows you
to inform your followers that youre in emergency.

✓Location Tracking
Broadcast your current location to your followers. SOS will also keep tracking your position. Your last positions will be the most valuable information for police or possible rescue squads.

✓Broadcast Activities
Detect your status and broadcast to your followers. Currently supported status includes "Still", "walking", "Running", "Fallen down".

✓Improved UI
Added a functional indicator bar at the bottom of screen. This allows you to quickly know which function has been switched on.
The five icons from left to right stand for: Twitter connectivity, Location Tracking, Broadcast Activities, Activity(Running) Detection, Settings.

Features since SOS 1.0:
✓One Click Call
Call for police, medical, fire emergency services with one touch.

✓Stealth Mode
Call police without notice. Don’t even need to take out the phone from your pocket. Launch the App, press your finger anywhere on screen for at least 3 seconds, release and Done!
SOS will give a tiny vibration feedback to inform you. Now you know the police can hear whatever is happening around you! Its that simple.

✓Activity(Running) Detection
Ever feel that its difficult to dial a number when youre being chased? Not anymore! Thanks to built-in accelerometer, when SOS detects that youre running, it will dial police automatically for you.

✓Customize your number
Set your dial number to your local emergency number.

✓Big Loud Alarm
Meet a thief unexpectedly? Need help from local people? Touch the SOS Box top of the screen and sound the alarm! Touch again to stop.

Preparing for emergency situation always makes sense. Let SOS help you protect yourself!

Useful Tips:
-The first thing you should do is to customize your SOS.
■Enter Preference Panel by tap on the "i" button at the lower right corner of the screen.
■Set all three Dial Numbers to your local emergency service numbers.
■Setup your twitter account.
■Play with it a bit to get familiar.

-Notice that you can also use it to send Twitter message. You can always change the customizable message in the preference panel at any time. After you click "Done" button and go back to the main panel, SOS will deliver this message to twitter.

-Place the App icon on the first page of your iPhone screen, at somewhere you can easily remember (like on the dock), in this way you can launch SOS as quickly as possible.

-Have a test run of the alarm function, press the volume button on iPhone to reach the level that you think will work best. You only need to do this once, your iPhone will remember this setting.